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Using Parallel Ports in a Virtual Machine
Virtual machines must be configured so that parallel ports on the virtual machine are connected to the appropriate port on the physical machine.
To connect the virtual machine's first parallel port (LPT1) to the physical computer's first parallel port
Reboot the physical computer and enter the BIOS setup.
Typically, you press F2 or Delete while the machine is booting. Find the parallel port mode setting and set it to PS/2. (The typical choices are AT and PS/2.) If PS/2 is not available as an option, set it to bidirectional.
Log on to the console operating system as root and enter the following commands:
/sbin/insmod parport
/sbin/insmod parport_pc
/sbin/insmod ppdev
Type lsmod and confirm that these modules are in the listing of loaded modules.
To make these changes permanent, add the three lines shown above to the end of the file /etc/rc.d/rc.local.
Be sure the virtual machine is shut down and powered off, and add the following options to the virtual machine's configuration file as described in Setting Startup and Shutdown Options by Modifying the Configuration File Directly (Advanced Users Only).
Add an option called parallel0.present and set its value to true.
Add an option called parallel0.fileName and set its value to “/dev/parport0”.
Add an option called parallel0.bidirectional and set its value to true.

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