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Pubblichiamo di seguito la lista delle estensioni per Joomla di terze parti risultate vulnerabili.
Questa lista è un feed RSS preso direttamente dal sito di Joomla.

Joomla! Vulnerable Extensions List

  • Rapicode, Multiple Extensions, Back Door

    Rapicode, nultiple extensions, current versions, back door

    Extensions affected are:-

    • Rapi Content Ticker
    • Rapi Content Carousel
    • Rapi Cookie Consent
    • Rapi Countdown
    • Rapi Preloader
    • Rapi Loading Progress Bar
    • Rapi Page Animate

    At the moment the back door seems to be loading mining code, it can be used to load arbitrary scripts or other content from the developer's site.

    We suggest that the extensions be treated as malicious and uninstalled.

    Note that their other extensions may be affected too, we have not had the opportunity to test them all. If you are using them we suggest checking the code for any curl request to, or using your browser tools to check for any unexpected scripts being loaded.

  • Google Map Landkarten,4.2.3,SQL Injection

    Google Map Landkarten from, versions 4.2.3 and previous, SQL Injection

  • Fastball, SQL Injection

    Fastball by Fastball Productions, versions yet to be determined but probably all, SQL Injection

  • File Download Tracker,3.0,SQL Injection

    File Download Tracker by, 3.0, SQL Injection

  • JB Bus, 2.3, SQL Injection

    JB Bus by Joombooking, 2.3, SQL Injection

  • Simple Calendar,3.1.9,SQL Injection

    Simple Calendar by Fabrizio Albonico, versions 3.1.9 and previous, SQL Injection

  • SquadManagement,1.0.3,SQL Injection

    SquadManagement by Lars Hildebrandt, versions 1.0.3 and previous, SQL Injection

  • JMS Music,1.1.1,SQL Injection

    JMS Music by Joomasters, versions 1.1.1 and previous, SQL Injection

  • JS Autoz ,1.0.9,SQL Injection

    JS Autoz by, 1.0.9 and previous, SQL Injection

  • Realpin,1.5.04,SQL Injection

    Realpin by Marcel Törpe, versions 1.5.04 and previous, SQL Injection

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